Ranch History

Charles and Virginia Kast purchased the 101 Ranch in 1961 and then formed a family corporation, Kast C. K. Cattle Co., Inc. in 1974. The 101 Ranch became the home base of a 1,000+ head commercial range cattle operation that ran on private and federal lands in three counties in southern Idaho.

In 1990 Jim and Marie Kast and their two children, Cherrynn and Ross separated from Kast Cattle and formed 101 Ranch, Inc. Jim and Marie have been the backbone of the operation from the beginning.

Over the past few years however, Ross and his wife, Melissa, have taken an ever increasing role in the management of both the cattle and the agricultural aspects of the farm. Soon, their two year old son, Kylar, will start to help out as well!

Also lending a hand is daughter and son-in-law, Cherrynn and Brian Bizik. While not true ranch-hands, they help out with the sale and the website. Their two daughters, Alleigha and Annalise have added much to the busy, but fun, ranch life.

In addition to the registered Angus portion of the ranch, crops like alfalfa, corn, potatoes and other grasses are raised and harvested. One of the more unique aspects of the ranch is the gravity irrigation system. Water flows from a reservoir above the ranch, and without pumps, runs several pivots and irrigates the 101 crops.

The entire 101 Ranch family hopes you will stop by as say, “hi.” We’d love to give you a tour of our little paradise!

The King's Crown near the Ranch

The King’s Crown near the Ranch